Write A Blog: How To Write A Phenomenal Blog Post

write a blog

You write a blog post.

Who cares whether you wrote it yourself or paid someone to create it? It’s the right length.

You’ve shoe-horned your chosen keyword phrase into it five times. You’ve downloaded a cool image and even managed to code it into WordPress.

It’s time to press upload, right? Wrong.

Before you do anything, stop and ask yourself these seven critical questions.

Does your blog post target your audience?

Have you written a generic ‘appeals to everyone’ (read ‘no one’) vanilla article? Or are you targeting a particular niche? Try to get inside the mind of your audience, then read your blog post again. Does it address a particular need or concern? Or is it all blah yawn blah?

Is the blog post credible?

An especially important question to ask if the blog post has been written by a third party. Even more so if you used a $5-a-post copy shop. Very few writers will care about your business as much as you do, or write with true passion about your subject matter. True heart in writing shines through.

So be sure not only that the facts are checked but also that the blog rings true and doesn’t sound like marketing fluff.

Is the blog post unique?

This sounds impossible, right? With so many articles being posted in your niche, how can you write something unique? But even the most well-trodden ground can be given new life. Your tone of voice. Your viewpoint. Your inside knowledge can add a certain something to your blog.

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It’s very important to write with a strong voice if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Is the blog post useful? (Or at least entertaining?)

A great place to start with useful content is by addressing the customer inquiries and questions you’ve received. Each one is potential post. But when these are all covered it’s important to keep your finger on your audience’s collective pulse. What are the market trends? What’s in the news? What are they talking about on Twitter?

If all else fails, at least try to be entertaining, interesting and funny when you write a blog.

Is the blog post easy to understand?

Now I could direct you to some snazzy readability tool, but how about we just use common sense? Check your writing for:

  • Long rambling sentences.
  • Long complicated words.
  • Poorly phrased sentences.

Pay extra attention to those first 100 words. If a reader can’t get through those as easily as a knife through warm butter, your post is in trouble.

Would you share this blog post?

If you write a blog but it didn’t have your name on it, would you forward it to a friend? What would you say in the email that accompanied it?  ‘Check out this awesome history of llama wool production in Peru’?

If you wouldn’t share it, why would others?

Does the post address your goals?

All the other points have been about your readers and rightly so. But this one is all about you. Why are you posting the article? Is it just to add some fresh content? To give you a boost for a certain keyword? To cover off a reader inquiry? To launch a new product or idea? To attract a new audience? To give your opinion on a news event? Or all of the above?

If you can’t answer each question with a confident ‘YES’, then you need to go back to the drawing board. This might seem like tough love, but it can just take one crappy post to put a potential customer off your blog.

When it comes to blogging, ask yourself the tough questions and don’t settle for second best. Write a blog that will blow everyone away.

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19 Responses

  1. Pdrake says:

    This is a post that walks bloggers through a variety of points on blog writing that can make a good post great. Thank you

  2. New blogger says:

    I used your methods for the last few blog posts and I already feel like my blog writing is getting better. With some good feedback I’ve been getting, Its motivating me to keep writing blogs. Thanks!

  3. Jaqueline says:

    Writing good content is the best way to create a successful blog. I think most bloggers dont focus on this enough, and spend too much time on promotion when they should be spending that time on creating content that will attract readers. Great post

  4. Peyton says:

    First I didnt know where to get blog content, but when you start writing your blog on the regular, it gets easier. You get blog ideas everywhere and as long as you write them down, you have an endless supply. Just flesh them out later.

  5. orek says:

    For me to publish a blog psot everyday, I have started to read much more than I have ever before. I read personal development books, which is what my blog is about, and I then write whatever that book inspired me to write. I get most of my blogging material from great books.

  6. Orek says:

    Ever since I started my blog, my goals been to write one post a day. I find that this keeps me disciplined and the regular posts has created a good following. Finding good content is hard, so I’ll be suing some of these methods.

  7. Im says:

    To write a blog post or not to write a blog post. Thats the question I ask myself every night

  8. Hinireill says:

    Any tips on finding good blog writers? I’ve reached a point where I need some help in writing my blog posts. Its not really working for me and I have to find some writers to help me with writing some posts, and I can edit them. Any help please email me.

  9. Samantha says:

    These tips for writing a blog post are good, but I’ve done them all. Whats next. Hire someone?

  10. HilslonsRoutt says:

    Great blog

  11. apeptamyday says:

    Interview other bloggers and get advice from them. Send out a nice email to each one, asking them a blogging related question and see what you learn. You’ll be surprised how much people are willing to help.

  12. Cifflourninly says:

    I run a personal development blog at http://www.lmlrn.com and I use self development books as blogging material. By reading more, I have not only expanded my knowledge, but created a website that other people can use to better themselves.

  13. Ivan says:

    Write great content and link as much as you can. Externally and internally

  14. Anar says:

    Thanks for the blogging advice. I’m making money online now thanks to this

  15. Kug says:

    Thank you for the blogging tips

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