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What is SEO?seo

Search Engine Optimiation (SEO) is an essential part of any successful blog or website. For people to be able to see your posts, you have to consider the words that people are searching for, and making sure you consider the following 15 points. If you do, you will be guaranteed long term high quality traffic on a regular basis.

15 SEO Tips For Successful Websites

SEO #1. Write Regular and Unique Content

Websites that have content published on a regular basis are seen as more reliable and therefore rank higher in search results. If your content is unique, you will rank higher in the results for that keyword or phrase which brings us to…

SEO #2. Pick Great Keywords

Use Googles Adwords tool to find keywords relating to your posts subject. See what people are searching for and include keywords and phrases at key points in your post.

SEO #3. Pick Words That Are popular

Use words that have a high search volume but love competition. You will have far more success in ranking higher with words with less competing websites.

SEO #4. Use The Keyword Phrase in Your Title

Search engines pick up on which words are included in titles and gives them more weight. Include your phrase in at least one title.

SEO #5. Use The Keyword In Your Posts URL

Include the word in the URL of the post as this is will show the importance of the keyword in your blog post.

SEO #6. Don’t Overuse the Keyword

The keyword should be used moderately. Usually between 3-7% of the words in your blog posts should be the keyword phrase. Use this plugin to calculate your keyword usage.

SEO #7. Get Back Links To Your Blog

Get your blog or website listed on as many relevant sites as possible. Use blog directories, write guest blog posts with a link to your blog, and promote your blog on social media.

SEO #8. Keep Your Content Relevant to One Niche or Theme

If your content is based on one niche, you will rank higher for those words which will increase your sites credibility.

SEO #9. Longevity

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The longer your site is active, the more influence and credibility it will have with the search engines.

SEO #10. Use Inbound Links

Link to other content in your site to keep users on your site. The number of internal links is a medium priority but still very influential.

SEO #11. Put Your Keyword In The First Paragraph

Use the keyword within the first 160 characters so that it will be displayed in the google meta description of your blogs post content.

SEO #12. Make Your keyword phrase BOLD

Highlight your keywords and link them to relevant blog posts where possible. Search engines pick up on highlighted words and ranks them higher in search results.

SEO #13. Use Images That Relate To Your content

Give your images titles and descriptions, using your keyword in both.

SEO #14. Use Outbound Links

Link to the source materials, other blogs, or relevant content to your blog post. Outbound links show a link to other parts of the web which are preferred by search engines.

SEO #15. Keep Your Blog Posts Updated

If you need to make modifications, do it and make sure your blog posts are always updated.


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  1. Abel says:

    SEO is the most important thing to consider for blog traffic. More work now so less promotion word is needed later. Thanks for the seo tips

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    Its great to find all the SEO tips you need in one post. I’ve been reading about seo for the last few days and this is the best post i’ve seen without any jargon. Thanks

  3. Syed Ali says:

    Great post
    thanks for such a nice information

  1. September 3, 2014

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