Amazon Affiliates: How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Website In 30 Minutes

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon is the worlds largest online marketplace, selling everything to almost everyone. As a blogger and an eCommerce entrepreneur, you will want to get a slice of Amazons $60 billion a year pie.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to set up an Amazon Affiliates site in under 30 minutes, as part of our Amazon Affiliates season.

In later articles, we’re going to cover the different aspects of choosing a niche, but here we’re going to presume you already have a product or product range in mind, you’ve selected your domain, set up hosting and you’re ready to get started. Don’t worry if you haven’t. We’ll cover all of those steps in the upcoming articles.

1. Setting Up Your Amazon Affiliates Account

An Amazon Affiliates account is very east to set up. Follow this link and follow the steps to set up your free account. All you need is the Associate ID and you’re good to go.

Lets presume that your ID is newbie-20 and we’re ready to move on.

2. Install Your Theme

In this post, we’ve selected the best FREE WordPress themes for Amazon Affiliates sites. Choose one and install it onto your new domain.

3. Install WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the best tool for your new affiliate site. It turns your entire site into an e-store with lots of easy to use tools and great functionality. It also allows you to change your site into a fully functional e-store with your own products as apposed to an Amazon Affiliates site at a later stage if you choose.

Follow this link and install WooCommerce.

When the plugin is installed, you need to install the pages that the plugin recommends, although you will only be using Shop to display your products.

Installing WooCommerce now allows you to add Products to your site as apposed to Posts and Pages alone. Amazon Affiliates add product

To add your first product, choose Product from the drop down menu at the top of your site and follow these steps.

– Add Product Information

You will need to have two tabs open at this point. One is the Amazon page for the product you want to add and the other is the blank product page on your site.

On your blank product page, you will notice two sections where you can add information about the product. One is a brief description, and the other is a more detailed description, very similar to how Amazon and many other retailers display information about a product.

Tip: I use the brief detail section for my own personal review of the product, including a star rating (Plugin here) and a link to buy the product (more info later). You can either review the site or use the bullet point information on the Amazon page for the product.

In the detailed section of your new product page, you will need to give a full and detailed description of your products features and benefits. If the information presented on Amazon is limited, Google search some other retailers and garner some information from them. You want your Amazon Affiliates site to be a one stop shop, giving your customers all the information they need in one place as well as a convenient link to Amazon where they can buy the product.

– Add Affiliate Information

Add Amazon Affiliates information

Below your brief description box, you’ll see another box labeled ‘Product Data’. Here you get an idea of the options you have with WooCommerce. The dropdown menu you see gives you the option to add a variety of products. Even a downloadable ebook option. The one we want is External/Affiliate Product.

Your ads will be inserted here by

Easy Plugin for AdSense.

Please go to the plugin admin page to
Paste your ad code OR
Suppress this ad slot.

When you select that, some new options appear. You will have to add your Affiliate Link (more detail just below) and the price.

– Find Your Amazon Affiliates Link ID

As soon as you set up your Amazon Affiliates ID, you will have noticed that a thin grey bar appears at the top of your Amazon page. This is your most important tool for adding your Amazon Affiliates ID link to every product. Amazon Affiliates add product ID

No matter what page you are on Amazon, you will be able to link to it. By using the ‘Link to this page‘, the tool automatically adds your Amazon Affiliates ID to the link.

You should already have your Amazon product page open. Select the ‘Link to this page’ option to get your ID link.

For the sake of this example, I am going to use Mens watches as an example product.

Amazon Affiliates Add text ID 1

The box above will appear, and to add your product link, you will need to choose the option to add Text Only. In section 3 of the box, you will see some code relating to the product you want to add. The only section of the code you need is the part in between the quotation marks. If you look closely at this code, you will see your newly created Amazon Affiliates ID in there. Copy this code onto your clipboard.

– Enter Your Amazon Affiliates ID Into Your Product Page

Amazon Affiliates Add ID to page

Enter the URL in the Product URL box. This will now create a Buy Product button on your product page which will take the customer to Amazon with your link ID attached.

– Enter Price Information

Add the Regular Price as well as the Sale Price if there is one in the boxes shown above.

– Add Pictures

The pictures which are displayed on your page should be high resolution. You will need to add one Featured image and any other images you can find of the product should be added as Product gallery images.

– Select Appropriate Tags And Categories

In my example of Mens Watches, I’ll choose some tags such as Luxury, Water Resistant and as many more as I want, and select an appropriate category for the product, such as Luxury or the brand of the Watch itself. This is up to you.

Now your product page is complete. Save it as a draft and view it to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. I would recommend not to publish it until you are completely satisfied that your product is complete and every step has been done correctly. Test the product link and when the Amazon page opens, make sure to check your Amazon Affiliate ID is in the URL.

You just created your Amazon Affiliate website and added your first product.

Now you need to choose some more products and start to create some blog posts to draw traffic to your site. More information on how to do that effectively is coming soon.

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