Backlink: Drive Traffic To Your Blog By Using a Backlink Generator – 2014

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How do I create hundreds of backlinks to my site without having to generate each backlink one by one? As a blog owner, you want to drive traffic to your blog as much as possible, and one of the most effective ways is by appearing high on the Google search[...]

Free WordPress Themes: 5 Free Travel Website Themes for WordPress – 2014

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surfarama free wordpress themes

Free WordPress Themes The travel industry is an ever growing sector, and it is only going to get bigger and bigger as more people want to see the world. As a WordPress developer, I have started many niche websites, and travel is an area that I have always been interested.[...]

WordPress Themes: 5 Free Newspaper WordPress Themes 2014

by Blogs • December 14, 2013 • 2 Comments

newsframe wordpress themes

Below, we’ve compiled the top 5 Free Newspaper WordPress themes. These themes were selected based on their design and usability, as well as reviews and ratings. We hope you enjoy this list, and if you have any other suggestions, feel free to share t a link in the comments. For[...]

Blog Gadgets: Top 5 Webcam Reviews – 2014 Webcams For Bloggers

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Logitech dominate the Webcam market, and for good reason. They’re making great Webcams, and below, we’ve compiled the best webcams that are currently available in the market for bloggers. Apart from the Logitech options, there are some great alternatives to consider. Top 5 Webcams Review – 2014 Webcams For Bloggers[...]

Elegant Themes: Top 5 Themes From Elegant Themes – Blogs 2014

by Blogs • November 26, 2013 • 2 Comments

elegant themes

Elegant Themes Top 5 Themes – Blogs 2014 We have chosen the top 10 themes from Elegant Themes. These have been picked based on their popularity and reviews, as well as other style and functionality reasons. Elegant themes allows you to download all of their 86 themes for only $39! That’s just $.48 per[...]

Best Android Apps: 5 Best Android Apps For Bloggers

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Best Android Apps For Bloggers As any professional blogger will know, you can get inspiration for a blog post anywhere and at anytime. When inspiration strikes, you want to be able to update your blog and make adjustments as and when you want to. We have compiled the best android[...]

Free WordPress Plugins: 9 WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Must Have

by Blogs • November 9, 2013 • 3 Comments


Free WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Must Have Blogging can be hard, but with the vast number of useful Free WordPress plugins available, it can be made much easier. We have compiled a list of the 9 WordPress Plugins every blogger must have to get more readers and to run a smooth[...]

Best Free Antivirus: 5 Best Free Antivirus Software For 2014

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free antivirus

Best Free Antivirus – 2014 There are many paid for and free antivirus programs available. As a firm believer of free web tools, A Million Blogs searched for the best free antivirus software available for 2014, for viruses, malware and firewall protection. They were chosen based on their proven track[...]

Google Chrome: 5 Google Chrome Apps That Everyone Must Have

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google chrome web store

Google Chrome Apps When Google launched the Chrome browser in 2008, it quickly started taking market share from the flailing Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google Chrome is known for its speed and simplicity as well as the number of  useful extensions and apps that you can add from the Chrome[...]

Your Hosting: Web Hosting For Your Blog – Which One Should You Go For?

by Blogs • October 25, 2013 • 37 Comments


Your Hosting You have chosen to host your blog yourself because you want to have more control over your site and give yourself the option to generate some revenue. You want to be able to amend your theme, change the style and install plugins and widgets. Your hosting stores the[...]

Blogspot V WordPress: Why You Should Stop Using Blogspot & Start Using WordPress

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blogspot or wordpress

Blogspot or WordPress? Blogspot which is now known as Blogger, is the only major competitor to WordPress. Although Blogspot was a revolutionary website, WordPress now offers a far superior user experience. If you are using Blogspot, read on. Blogspot V WordPress 4 Reasons Why WordPress is better than Blogspot 1.[...]